Russian Leather

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Frozen fougère

The emblematic Memo bottle holds two rattan stems that rise in volutes and diffuse the Coriander from Russian Leather.

The journey continues, airy and discreet, following you home.


to order with your eyes closed


and made to please you

Contents: 1 brown bottle with a golden rim, 1x250ml refill | 8.5 fl.oz (which can be purchased separately), 2 rattan rods and 1 funnel.

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Fougère, frost, the call of the forest, lavandin, echo, large herds of reindeers, basil, no compass, pine needles, guided by the song of the thrush, running free, a carpet of rosemary, on the watch, clary sage, minus 48 degrees, courage, mint, ardour... A caravan suddenly looms on the distant horizon, tonka bean, without a sound, patchouli, sea of blue snow, palace of ice, tall cedars, burning light, hand hovering knife, lichen, ever ready for a fight, wolf leather, pride, a Siberian smile on the lips.

Customer Reviews

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snieguole dovidaviciene

Russian Leather

David Breit
Honest Review

Ladies and gentlemen, First of all, I have to say that I am a loyal customer of your company. I have already purchased the russian leather, the irish leather and the winter palace from my local perfumery. I love wearing all of them, I'm even going to give the Russian lesther away for Christmas this year. I also learned to love your car scent very much. Unfortunately this time it's different. I first carefully tested the room fragrance, only half filled it up and only used one of the sticks. After days I could still hardly smell a scent, I added the rest. Unfortunately, the performance is still very weak. Here, much cheaper room fragrances, such as those from rituals, were more convincing. maybe i should have used a stronger scent like irish leather. the package also arrived and the scent had already leaked a bit, and the ddr golden ring on the bottle neck was slightly crooked. All in all I'm disappointed with this product, although I would have liked to have liked it and ordered it for more rooms, really a shame for the price. friendly greetings David

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