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Lalibela - Tea cups

Scented candle

  • Description

A mystical rose

Set of 2 candles scented with Incense from Lalibela in tea cups with saucers made with white Bone china porcelain, hand gold-gilded and made in France. A quality of porcelain that is both delicate and resistant.

These candles are intended to be reused. Therefore, once consumed, please pour into the tea cups boiling water - with caution - to remove the wax residue. Then clean it to reuse it.

Contents: 2x120g | 2x4.23oz - Burn time: up to 20 hours per candle.


Twelve churches hewn from the Ethiopian rock in a single night. Vanilla. Mineral rocks, sculpted, cloaked in pink, emerge from the earth. Labdanum resin. Heavenly builders driven by a mystical fervour. Jasmine absolute. Mysterious sanctuaries, protected by the frankincense of an age-old ritual. Oil of patchouli. The hum of bees in the flowers, a joyous zeal. Rose. The fate that makes a fragrance a story. Lalibela.

Memory - Lalibela

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