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What does Memo Paris mean?

Memo like memory. Like souvenir. Like sillage.

Memo Paris, a name that embodies memories and narratives, is rooted in the enchanting love story of its founders, Clara and John Molloy. The name "Memo" is a fusion of "Memory" and "Memoirs," symbolizing their passion for encapsulating cherished moments in fragrance.

"The Journey is the destination" is Memo's motto: the time of the journey is an integral part of the experience; it is essential for the encounter with beauty to occur. This philosophy is ingrained in every aspect of the brand's identity. Just as a journey is composed of moments, Memo Paris crafts fragrances that intricately capture emotions and memories. The name "Memo" reflects this commitment to cherishing life's fleeting instants.

Clara and John's shared love for travel and exploration kindled the creation of Memo Paris. Their journeys infused each fragrance with the essence of diverse cultures and landscapes. Every note is a tribute to their adventures and the love that binds them.

In crafting each scent, Clara and John infuse their devotion, making the brand an extension of their values – authenticity, curiosity, and the pursuit of meaningful connections. The name "Memo" encapsulates their commitment to preserving emotions within every bottle.

Memo Paris extends beyond fragrances; it's an invitation to partake in Clara and John's journey. Through their creations, they encourage us to explore, connect, and savor life's moments. "Memo" is a tribute to love, encapsulating fleeting moments in enduring scents.

As you experience Memo Paris fragrances, you're embracing their love story – a narrative of wanderlust, emotion, and the art of capturing life's beauty. Each bottle becomes a vessel of memories, a fragrant memoir inviting you to share in their remarkable odyssey.

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