Our emblematic fragrances to discover the world of Memo Paris

Join the journey and enjoy a $40 discount voucher
for your next purchase!

Join the journey and enjoy a $40 discount voucher for your next purchase!

Journey book with 7 samples

Discovery set

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You would like to know more about the Memo Paris universe and its olfactory destinations: our new discovery set is the opportunity for a first experience and to better approach the house’s travelling soul.

“ The journey is the destination” is Memo’s motto. In keeping with this spirit, we invite you to take a journey in this box and discover some of our emblematic perfumes:

Inlé: Osmanthus absolute, Jasmine absolute and Maté absolute
Iberian Leather: Coriander, Cedarwood Atlas, Leather Accord
French Leather: Lime essence, Rose essence, Suede accord
Marfa: Orange blossom absolute, Tuberose absolute, White Musk
Lalibela: Rose absolute, oil of Patchouli, Frankincense
Irish Leather: Juniper Berry, Green Maté absolute, Leather accord
African Leather: Oil of Cardamom, Geranium absolute, Leather accord


Content : 7x1,5ml | 7x0,07 fl.oz. This set is environmentally friendly: it is made of recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

... Have you chosen your favorite perfume? With this set you will receive a $40 discount voucher to be applied for any purchase > $100.

The journey is the destination

Begin a sensory journey with us through this olfactory roadmap, which will take you from destination to destination into the heart of the Memo Paris fragrance universe. Like precious milestones on our world map. They are key places, sources of inspiration and unique signatures. These are 7 fragrances, among which to wander, to better return to them, to better stop there. This discovery box is a first step, to allow you to approach each collection and then begin a Memo Paris journey.


Ode to the natural

A rare freedom

The most beautiful landscapes deserve the most beautiful natural ingredients. This is why Memo fragrances allow themselves to do anything: no limitations in the choice or in the quality of the desired ingredients. The perfumer has a rare freedom to express his creativity, which allows him to create unique compositions with character. Reflecting the destinations that inspire them.

A hint of freshness

With intensity and audacity

With Memo, it pops up through an unexpected facet, a surprising note that will give the perfume a particular dynamic. The Eau de Memo, as the collection Graines vagabondes are emblematic of this willingness to express freshness in a perfume in a new way. With intensity and audacity.

The wake of time

The skin memorizes them

A vintage twist also characterizes Memo fragrances. It is reflected in the Nomadic Leathers collection, born as a subtle nod to the antique leather cases and luggage that recall the art of travel of yesteryear, and that now distinguishes the Memo universe. To give a perfume the strength of a memory, you have to allow it to blossom over time; Memo compositions evolve beautifully on the skin and offer long-lasting hold. The skin memorizes them.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Mark Turney
Great way to test beautiful scents

Absolutely loved testing these amazing fragrances and plan on purchasing full bottles soon, Marfa was a surprise, it is unisex and very wearable for men, this will probably be my first full bottle purchase from this house.

Ricardo Calleja Juarez

Journey book with 7 samples

Amanda Garcia
Great traveling experience via Memo

I don’t remember where I came across Memo, and I identify quickly with these fragrances. I took the samples but forgot to write the names. I carried them with me for months, now in Ireland I decided to study them before ordering the one.
I am more than glad I ordered the sample, The Journey that became my own. It need time and patience and writing key words to describe in my own language what each one meant and how they made me feel.
The issue now is that from the seven journeys, there are three so far that represent me!

Amber Fetterman
Perfect pack

This is the perfect sample pack and there isn’t a bad one in the bunch. All of them smell magical!

Rodney Harrigan

Journey book with 7 samples