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Irish Leather

Refill for car diffuser


to order with your eyes closed


and made to please you

Gallop of the wind

Insert refill for the Car diffuser, inspired from Irish Leather.

Like a nod to the Irish origins of Memo Paris' co-founder, this fragrance blends his leather accord with the windy freshness of juniper berries and green mate absolute. 

The scented refill lasts 3 months and is interchangeable at any time, without the diffuser being impregnated with the previous fragrance. It is recommended to store unopened refills at room temperature in a dry place.

 Car diffuser case available here

Diffusion life: up to 3 months - This stick cannot be used alone.

Irish Leather - Refill for car diffuser |
Irish Leather Sale price$40

Our story

Memo imagines perfume as a journey, building its identity around magical destinations and intense raw materials, high quality natural ingredients.

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