"The Journey is the destination" is Memo's motto: the time of the journey is an integral part of the experience, it is essential for the encounter with beauty to occur. Creating a perfume is part of the same movement; it is also a matter of patience and high standards in order to achieve the desired olfactory landscape. It is faithful to this vision of beauty that Memo redraws the map of a sensitive world rich in emotions, by creating a unique olfactory world map.

Memo like memory.
Like souvenir. Like sillage

Memo like memory. Like souvenir. Like sillage

The Origin

The Parisian fragrance house launched in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John see fragrance as a journey, forging its identity around magical destinations and potent raw materials. This desire for travels to far-off places and encounters is the very reflection of the founding couples she the Parisian-Catalan poet, he the sporty Irish globetrotter.

Memo imagines perfume as a journey, building its identity around magical destinations and intense raw materials, high quality natural ingredients.

Ode to the natural

The most beautiful landscapes deserve the most beautiful natural ingredients. This is why Memo Paris fragrances allow themselves to do anything: no limitations in the choice or in the quality of the desired ingredients. The perfumer has a rare freedom to express his creativity, which allows him to create unique compositions with character. Reflecting the destinations that inspire them.

Memo Paris has made its home at 24, Rue Cambon, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. Its creations are available in over fourty countries or regions.

The wake of time

A vintage twist also characterizes Memo Paris fragrances. It is reflected in the Nomadic Leathers collection, born as a subtle nod to the antique leather cases and luggage that recall the art of travel of yesteryear, and that now distinguishes the Memo Paris universe. To give a perfume the strength of a memory, you have to allow it to blossom over time; Memo Paris compositions evolve beautifully on the skin and offer long-lasting hold. The skin memorizes them.

Memo Paris is 15 years old. 15 years, the time of irreverent, unpredictable and bubbling love.

A hint of freshness

With Memo Paris, it pops up through an unexpected facet, a surprising note that will give the perfume a particular dynamic. The Eau de Memo, as the collection Graines vagabondes are emblematic of this willingness to express freshness in a perfume in a new way. With intensity and audacity.

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