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Open sesame

Sesame and grapefruit come together and merge like the landscape that inspired them, the high plain of Kedu. Nestled on the island of Java, at the heart of Indonesia, this land is fertile, luxuriant and volcanic in one. The generosity of nature and the eruptive proximity of the Merapi volcano resound in echo, just like the promise of sesame and the burst of grapefruit answer one another. The same vitality, the same vigorous energy flows from one to the other, giving the composition all of its depth and breadth.

With this travel size, your perfume Kedu will follow you on all your scented journeys!

Oil of grapefruit, Sesame absolute, White musk 

Neroli, oil of Mandarin, Maté absolute, Freesia accord, Rose-peony accord, Moss 



Ode to the natural

A rare freedom

The most beautiful landscapes deserve the most beautiful natural ingredients. This is why Memo fragrances allow themselves to do anything: no limitations in the choice or in the quality of the desired ingredients. The perfumer has a rare freedom to express his creativity, which allows him to create unique compositions with character. Reflecting the destinations that inspire them.

A hint of freshness

With intensity and audacity

With Memo, it pops up through an unexpected facet, a surprising note that will give the perfume a particular dynamic. The Eau de Memo, as the collection Graines vagabondes are emblematic of this willingness to express freshness in a perfume in a new way. With intensity and audacity.

The wake of time

The skin memorizes them

A vintage twist also characterizes Memo fragrances. It is reflected in the Nomadic Leathers collection, born as a subtle nod to the antique leather cases and luggage that recall the art of travel of yesteryear, and that now distinguishes the Memo universe. To give a perfume the strength of a memory, you have to allow it to blossom over time; Memo compositions evolve beautifully on the skin and offer long-lasting hold. The skin memorizes them.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dubravka Mažar
Sesame love

This is so fresh, cozy, citrus scent with very special sesame note in the opening, very unique! nice for summer days and also unisex, really nice daytime fragrance.. and the bottle is amazing, love it!

Ivan Shevelov

I bought for my wife, this is her favorite perfume! She is so happy. The service was awesome, especially gifts from your shop -- perfume samplers <3 See you next time!

Bright. Smooth. Refreshing.

The balance on this fragrance is something spectacular. It is compelling and complex but lightweight and delightful. The first note is like spooning out the perfectly cut section of a ruby-red grapefruit, where there are just enough fresh cut peonies on the breakfast table for floral air to balance the acidity. The crushed sesame note adds a nutty creaminess to soften and stretch the scent as it dries down. Maté has a slightly bitter/greenery presence that is just enough to keep everything grounded without any coarseness. That earthy freshness connects well with the base of white musk that centers and elevates the lingering citrus zest notes throughout the day. I would gladly wear this daily, year round but I keep special by specifically using it to elevate happy occasions, that way when there are times I need to recall happier moments during daily life, I can spritz this on knowing that it will bring me joy.

Jehda H.
Beautiful, subtle smell

I'm in love with this unique fragrance. It's light and unisex. It could never be overpowering. I can't say it has great longevity but I get about 6 hours of wear time before I need to respray. It's truly good for year-round wear. When I first sprayed it I pictured myself wearing it on a cold winter's day while wearing an oversized sweater sitting by a warm fire - but you could just as easily wear this in the summer. I would say it's more of an everyday fragrance than a special occasion fragrance. I absolutely love the smell - unlike anything I've smelled before. I just wish it lasted longer. I recommend this if you're looking for a subtle, light, unique fragrance. I look forward to spraying this.

Jan Herweijer