Tamarindo postcards

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Discover Tamarindo through this pack of 12 postcards.

Photos by Michael Fitzsimmons, Scott Alexander, Båo Nguy?n, Donna Eaton, Charlie Fayers and Nigel Pavitt


Syncopated dance of drums, oil of jasmine. Soft graze of Guanacaste leaves, as green as emeralds. Pineapple catches the light with each facet. It blossoms like a flower beneath the Cardamom sun, caressed by the frothy spray of bergamot. Vanilla takes on a soft, red glow. Though I’m swept away by the benzoin wind, though the breaking waves turn my heart patchouli, I return to Tamarindo where the jungle is a show of art. Between the giant spiders and the happy lizards, inspiration takes on a heady scent.