Pic Nic Basket - Candle Collection

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1x Tea pot filled with Mint scented candle from Irish Leather

2x Tea cups filled with Cedar scented candle from French Leather

2x Saucer plates

2x Egg cups filled with Amber scented candle from African Leather


Every day should be celebrated. For 10 years, Memo Paris has been dreaming and inspiring journeys. So it seemed only natural to celebrate this milestone with a collection of scented candles featuring the key notes of the Memo Paris fragrances. Dream of far-off places from the comfort of home. An olfactory journey to wonderland with tiny egg cups, tea cups trimmed in fine gold, portly teapots, delicate white porcelain Bone China soup tureens, bathed in the flickering light of candles that brings their decor to life. Lay a festive table for an un-birthday party. Home Retreat by Memo Paris.