Luxury Music Box

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Eau de MEMO music box is designed and manufactured by Memo Paris, using the best REUGE mechanics and singing birds.
When opening the doors, the birds with real feathers start to sing « Dawn Chorus ».

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For Memo Paris, smelling a perfume is a way of taking a magical journey, an olfactory round trip. The bottle is a destination. It has the same rite-of-passage dimension as travel, serving as a threshold between the known and the unknown. Smelling, breathing in a scent, is accepting to leave your safety zone in search of new sensations, and tying them to one’s personal experience.

Fragrance kindles an excitement similar to that of a departure, it is about openness and abandonment. Memo is a collection of scents from afar that now boasts eighteen fragrances, it takes a destination and makes it the point of departure for a sense-awakening epic. Eau de Memo is their source.