African Leather

Bath & Body

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African Leather 250ml shower gel leaves your skin delicately scented with the memory of a Memo journey with notes of Cardamom, Geranium and Leather. A moment of pleasure and lightness all to yourself.


In this original birthplace, where the singing of languages and cultures rises, I hear a voice of Oud and vetiver. A murmur of bergamot and geranium. In front of me, infinite landscapes. Deserts, meadows, patchouli, lakes, oceans, saffron, bush, moss, grapefruit, cedar, savannas, mangroves, cardamom, musk and cumin. Between dry and rainy seasons, I discern a path. I witness a dance. A ballet of dresses and manes, paws and scales, leather, leather, leather. Felines, giraffes, crocodiles, antelopes, elephants, begin an alert choreography. A new song resounds, I listen to the chorus of a continent.

perfume memory africa

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