Citrus plunge

If you are lucky, as you arrive from the Ionian Sea you may catch a glimpse of Navagio Beach lying in the shadow of an elegantly sprawling, languorous cliff. Under the eternal spell of this Greek island, its regal rock basks in the turquoise splendour of Zante's waters. As their depths reach towards one another, like old friends reuniting, the intense blue takes on a lavender shade. In the sky, the sun is as full and inviting as a bergamot. A musky cloud floats, tempering the mandarin orange fire. It feels delightful on the skin. Goddesses keep watch from the stony heights, aromatic like rosemary, floral like neroli, green like patchouli. Meanwhile, the animal silhouette of a ship takes pride of place onshore: it is an embodiment of time, like a memory of Ambrox, that component of ambergris that also once washed up on the sand, that ancient treasure of a marine mammal. This is an eternal island for a solstice fragrance. Zante.