Vibrant Odyssey

A coveted destination if ever there was one, it embodies in itself the ultimate travel experience. This Ionian island is inseparable from Ulysses, the hero of Greek mythology who took more than ten years to reach his home, through a journey narrated in Homer's Odyssey. Imagining its perfume means overcoming obstacles, creating the formula capable of charming creatures, divinities and chimeras, but above all of ravishing a cherished skin, to better rediscover it. Land in sight! The sea spray heckles the air, gives the energy necessary to complete the crossing. It needs the invigorating force, the inviting song of citrus fruits. Oils of Italian bergamot, bitter orange and Italian mandarin. A first flight, tonic and green. The slight relief of the island becomes clear. With temperament and conviction, here are the spices and berries: black pepper oil from Madagascar, pink pepper, Timut pepper oil from Nepal, juniper berries. The emotional memory of the reunion to come is celebrated with fruits and flowers: blackcurrant bud absolute, redcurrant accord, raspberry note, Egyptian jasmine absolute. The earth is firm again and the joy of reconnecting with this vegetal and woody emotion that says homecoming. A rounder, more caressing feeling emerges. Cedarwood oil from Texas, patchouli from Indonesia. Ithaca, at last.