15 years
of perfumes and passion

Memo Paris is 15 years old. 15 years, the time of irreverent, unpredictable and bubbling love. Flamboyant like a chypre perfume. Enchanting like a fresh water. Bold like a leather note. A perfume is a love story. Between the ingredients that come together, between the fragrance and the skin.

Memo Paris is a story of encounters, the adventure of two people, then that of a team. A play in which geography plays the leading role. Perfume is picked from the four corners of the world. But not only that. Memo Paris is also a story of travel, of train departures, of movements, of wakes. From wandering seeds to nomadic leathers, Memo Paris harvests the bohemian flowers of its dreams.


In a cloud of tea

On Inlé Lake, in the heart of Myanmar, life is lived on the water. The view is unobstructed, sounds ricochet between the water and the sky, and come nightfall, the ...

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Irish Leather

Gallop of the wind

Like a nod to the Irish origins of Memo Paris' co-founder, this fragrance blends his leather accord with the windy freshness of juniper berries and green mate absolute...

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The eye of a tuberose

Marfa. A destination with a unique destiny. Its bottle emblazoned with a wide-open eye provides the first clue. Deep in the Texas, Marfa beckons the eye and holds its gaze. Marfa has...

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African Leather

Intense savannah

Inspired by the African continent, this fragrance unveils warm spicy notes of cardamom and saffron over a floral touch of geranium, which mingle with a leather accord to give life...

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Iberian Leather

The lion's cedar

Iberian Leather is a dense and smoky leathery fragrance. At the top, aromatics and citrus blend with geranium and with its floral heart: iris, lily of the valley, rose, jasmine and Osmanthus...

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French Leather

A Rose afair

French leather is a fragrance that hones the senses, as all worthy Parisian women should do. This scent signs the adventure of a French rose, the one that makes your eyes shine...

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Ana Tortos

In the imaginary world of director and illustrator Ana Tortos, animals evolve poetically in surrealist settings. Characters travel in flying books, red cats act as our guide, octopuses play DJ, pink flamingos chat in splendid lunar landscapes...

Her soft, dreamlike and colourful universe appealed to Memo Paris, who entrusted her with their 15th anniversary film: the opportunity for a new and exciting journey. A graduate of Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art in London, Ana Tortos launched her career as a director-illustrator in 2014. She lives and works in Paris, but her ties to the southwest of France mean that she regularly reconnects with the ocean. 

Journey book with 7 samples

"The journey is the destination” is Memo’s motto. In keeping with this spirit, we invite you to take a journey in this box and discover some of our emblematic perfumes: Inlé, Iberian Leather, French Leather, Marfa, Lalibela, Irish Leather, African Leather.

Have you chosen your favorite perfume? With this set you will receive a discount voucher to be applied for the purchase of a "real size" perfume.

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