Art Land

The Art Land collection by Memo Paris does not take the beauty or mystery of a destination or ingredient as its point of departure, but the aura of an artistic practice tied to the earth, nature and its resonance. Art Land pays tribute to these territories readopted and transformed by the inspired hand of humankind, a fleeting creation like the trail of a fragrance.

  • Winter Palace - Eau de Parfum
    Key notes

    Amber wood accord Oil of Bergamot Red Tea accord


  • 10ml Eau de Parfum Refill

    Tiger's Nest Travel Spray
    Key notes

    Oil of Absinthe, Amber, Incense absolute


  • Tiger's Nest - Eau de Parfum
    Key notes

    Oil of absinthe, Amber, Incense absolute


  • The eye of a tuberose

    Marfa - Eau de Parfum
    Key notes

    Orange blossom absolute, Tuberose absolute, White musk