Vaadhoo Book

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An illustrated book comes with the launch of the perfume, to pursue the discovery and continue the dream. The artist Elene Usdin, who lives and works in Brussels, works as a painter and a photographer, has made drawings driven by a playful spirit.

Written by : Carine Soyer

Illustrated by : Elene Usdin


Dear Philippe, In a dream, I was the only resident of an island visited by stars, night phenomena and curious maritime events. Its name already looks like a magic formula. Its twin vowels give me the desire to make vows. I felt I was blessed to be part of this spectacle and I wanted to share my vision with you. Tender as the night, sharp as a surrealistic moment, surprising as it can be. I’m sure you will find a way to express it and find its olfactive charm and character. I send you a collection of stars, from the sky to the sea, and I wish the ink on paper could turn suddenly from black to a bright blue, leaving a mark strong as a souvenir, to give you an idea of what’s going on over there, secretly. Best, Clara