French Leather


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"Quiet night

white morn

jigsaw rooftops

Peter Pan.

The chimneys

chew, churn

and sigh

the slow down.

I draw you

in one stroke

chalk to chalk

on a bed of slate.

As the crow flies


I give you a smile

my second chance."

Textes : Clara Molloy

Illustrations : Emmanuel Van der Meulen

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What is being French? Being falsely casual. Not entirely nonchalant. Leather that points under the rose. The eye that curls. Style even in negligee. Having your table at your favorite coffee shop. The scent of suede inside a handbag. A certain idea of chic. Talent. Just a cigarette. The lime. Follow your star. Taking the trivial seriously. Knowing how to marry opposites. To know the name of every bridge in Paris. Cedar. Learn to hide its thorns. An entraperceived shoulder. Charm. Never being totally lost. Inventing ancestors. The well-placed moles. Pink pepper. Improvise. Being right. Knowing when to undress. Musk. Kissing.

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