African Leather

Bath & Body

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African Leather 250ml shower gel leaves your skin delicately scented with the memory of a Memo journey with notes of Cardamom, Geranium and Leather. A moment of pleasure and lightness all to yourself.


Elephant trunk, cardamom, giraffe neck, bergamot, wild cat, sand, leopard spots, saffron, rhinoceros horns, cumin, lion's mane, patchouli, gazelle hoof , geranium, night galago, celestial sphere, bat-eared fox, grapefruit, snakeskin, oud accord, eagle eyes, vetiver, buffalo neck, musk, green lizard, moss, blue wildebeest, winter sun, zebra stripes, leather accord, cheetah paws, cedar, antelopes racing, savannah, meerkat smile, spices, crocodile fangs, warmth.

perfume memory africa

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