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Karine Vinchon Spehner

Karine Vinchon Spehner

There are certain scents that stay with us from childhood. For Karine Vinchon Spehner, these fragrant memories, like the smell of freshly baked madeleines in her grandfather’s biscuit shop, or the apple orchards, so prevalent in Normandy where she was grew up, were particularly special and would go on to fuel her curiosity in the world of perfumery.

Her passion for perfume led her to enrol at ISIPCA, to then start her career working at fragrance firm Robertet, under the supervision of Michel Almairac. Soulful perfumer, Karine’s perfumes are characterised by a generosity and abundance of certain natural raw ingredients. She loves to work with ambery and woody notes, and has a particular fondness for patchouli and vetiver.

Her first encounter with Clara was in Gordes during the Cinéhaïku short film festival, sponsored by Memo Paris. It was here that the idea of Tiger’s Nest – heady, rich and ambery - was born.


Karine Vinchon Spehner

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