Rue Cambon - France

It all started at 24 rue Cambon, in the first arrondissement of Paris, in 2010. Memo Paris set down its luggage in a marble, embossed leather and perforated brass case, which responds to the allure of the perfume bottles, when the neutral and monochrome tones allow the richness of the fragrances to express themselves.

In collaboration with India Mahdavi, an internationally renowned architect and designer, the theme of travel was chosen to present the perfumed destinations of the house, in the most Parisian and luxurious of neighbourhoods.

The window, designed like a window of a train cabin, is a nod to the mythical Orient-Express, which would have decided to stop in the capital, and the display furniture takes the form of suitcases and leather trunks. The shop invites you to a timeless interlude, a moment of wonder, in a luxury of materials and refinement.