We have evolved our box and our flacon design

Memo Paris is taking a step forward in its commitment to the environment. The choice of a new packaging, made of 80% recycled paper and wrapped in organic cellophane, contributes to this.

Its inner design reveals the core of Memo Paris, that is all about travel and olfactive destinations. When thinking about travel, a map is always nearby. You can’t find your way without it. Maps have always been the first tool to project oneself wherever, and its lines, curves, marks are both a fascinating and a helpful object. It’s an immemorial form, from parietal to digital ages, via printed copies; the ones that are present in each home, to dream the travel before experiencing it.

Memo Paris loves maps and, no wonder then, wants to share its own. So close to the fragrances, telling the Memo geography.

The pattern that dresses the Memo Paris box is inspired by the idea of a “carte du Tendre”, a French fancy created in the XVIIth century. It’s a symbolic representation of an imaginary country, as a game to explore feelings and passions. Here, the geography is linked to the fragrances and collections of the Memo universe, like so many destinations and emotions to discover. This map is likely to evolve according to each new place or fragrance Memo Paris will approach: from the Memo Paris box to a wallpaper in a new boutique, from Hong Kong to Dubai, its design is aimed to be renewed and to offer new visions.